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Braz-Binder Gel

Vitta Corporation’s Braz-Binder Gel Grade ST is a waterbased binder gel used to mix and suspend powdered brazin filler metal alloys into smooth, uniform and stable pastes for furnace brazing applications. The Braz-Binder is a viscous gel manufactured from nonhazardous poymers and water. There are no ozone depleting substances (ODS), toxic or flammable materials or fumes to cause potential problems in the mixing or application areas.

Braz-Binder Gel is designed to burn-off well below working/brazing temperatures and leave little or no residue. The produt may be used in furnace applications without fear of contamination of either the filler or base metals. It is recommended that the brazing paste be allowed to dry at room temperature (30 to 60 minutes depending upon fillet thickness) prior to furnnace cycling so that rapid evaporation of the water in the Braz-Binder gel does not cause cracking or pitting of the filler metal paste surface.

8 to 15% (by weight) of Braz-Binder Gel can be mixed with 85 to 92% (by weight) of powdered brazing filler metal, typically with a 140 mesh particle size, to produce pastes of various viscosities. The viscosity of the final paste may be further adjusted by adding small amounts of brazing powder to thicken the paste, or small amounts of water to thin the paste. Depending upon the desired viscosity, pastes made with Vitta Braz-Binder Gel may be applied by brushing, syringe or Semco cartridge using various diameter needle tips.

Brazing pastes made with Vitta Braz-Binder Gel should be thorougly mixed (5 to 15 minutes) prior to use or packaging. Small amounts of paste may be prepared by simple hand mixing with a spatula and wide mouth jar or beaker. Intermediate paste batches in the 2 to 5 pound weight range may be mixed with the aid of a motor driven stirrer and an appropriate mixing blade such as the Juffy Mixer1. Larger scale batches of brazing paste are best prepared with a planetary mixer such as the Hobart Mixer2. Braz-Binder Gel Grade ST is available in 500 gramm jars. Minimum order quantities apply.

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