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Braz-Rope is a unique brazing product* which can be utilized to eliminate inconsistency in the formulation of braze fillets. In critical braze applications the placing of the correct amount of braze filler metal in the correct location is extremely important. Too much braze filler metal may require expensive secondary machining operations to remove unwanted material from critical surfaces or dimensions. Too little braze material can often result in added costs and production delays.

Braz-Rope can eliminate variables due to the following process or design characteristics:

  1. Viscosity - Since Braz-Rope is a dry product, all problems associated with variations in viscosity due to batch-to-batch mixing and shelf life changes are completely eliminated.
  2. Operator Technique - No longer is the result of applying braze filler metal dependent on the skill or technique of individual operators. With minimal training, the work of all operators will be consistent using Braz-Rope.
  3. Joint Design - Braz-Rope works just as well in blind joints and joints around inusually contured components, as it does in conventional braze joints.

Braz-Rope is a dry, highly flexible strand of braze filler metal manufactured in rope form and is designed for furnace brazing. It is available in a range of diameters from .030 to .100. Braz-Rope is an extremely dense material with less than 5% organic binders. Braz-Rope is available in all the standard brazing alloys and can also be specially formulated in custom alloys when required.

Standard BRAZ-ROPE Compositions
Specifications Nominal Composition Liquidus Temperature
AMS 4776 73Ni, 4.5Si, 14Cr, 3.1B, 4.5Fe 1970° F
AMS 4777 82Ni, 4.5Si, 7.0Cr, 3.1B, 3.0Fe 1830° F
AMS 4778 92Ni, 4.5Si, 3.1B 1900° F
AMS 4779 94Ni, 3.5Si, 1.8B 1950° F
AMS 4782 71Ni, 10Si, 19Cr 2075° F
B50TF143 77Ni, 8Si, 15Cr 2075° F
AMS 4786 70Au, 8Pd, 22Ni 1915° F
AMS 4787 82Au, 18Ni 1740° F
AMS 4765 56Af, 42Cu, 2.0Ni 1640° F
AMS 4767 92.5Ag, 7.2Cu, 0.22Li 1635° F

How to Apply

Braz-Rope can be applied with brazing cement, or where joint design permits, by simply laying it into the joint. Braz-Rope’s extreme flexibility allows for application around tight radii and over bends. It is recommended that Braz-Rope be supported in place so that it is held during the brazing operation.


No refrigeration is necessary for storage. The recommended shelf life is a minimum of one year in normal room ambient conditions.

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