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Braz-Stop Materials

Vitta 1- AL Braz-Stop and 1YT Braz-Stop materials are parting compounds designed to prevent molten filler metal from touching and brazing base metal parts and to keep holes and cut/milled areas free from filling with molten metal. They may also be used to keep stacks of prefabricated parts from sticking together during heat treatment operations.etmetal parts through the use of brazing tape for high temperature applications.

1AL Braz-Stop is recommended for general brazing applications 1YT Braz-Stop has been specifically designed and formulated for use with titanium and titanium containing alloys.

1AL Braz-Stop is a specially processed, finely ground, high purity material that is both chemically and thermally inert. 1YT Braz-Stop is a rare earth composition that is also chemically and thermally inert. Both 1AL Braz-Stop and 1YT Braz-Stop may be used in vacuum furnace applications without fear of contamination of either the base or filler metals. Cleanup of 1AL Braz-Stop and 1YT Braz-Stop residue after brazing is accomplished by simple brushing, air blowing or washing away with a jet of water. No grinding or blasting of the base metal is required.

Vitta`s 1AL Braz-Stop and 1YT Braz-Stop are available in the following forms:

Braz-Stop Paste

1AL Braz-Stop and 21YT Braz-Stop Pastes are compounded with highly specialized organic binders containing small amounts of lower alcohols to produce a very uniform and stable paste that dries to the touch in approximately 20 minutes. No periodic remixing is required with Vitta Braz-Stop Pastes as separation does not occur. Binders and solvents utilized in the products decompose at temeperatures well below the brazing/working temperatures leaving no residue in the actual Braz-Stop Materials. 1AL Braz-Stop and 1YT Braz-Stop Pastes are available in 45 gram syringes, (30cc.), 110 gram standard cartridges, and 500 gram jars. Application of Braz-Stop paste is simple. The paste can be applied from the syringe tip close to the brazing joints or edges without fear of runs. All time consuming paintin and run-overs are eliminated.

1AL Braz-Stop Tape

1AL Braz-Stop and 21YT Braz-Stop Tapes are available in standard rolls from 0,005” to 0,013” thick by .25”, .38” and .50” wide and 20’ long. The self-adhesive tape is protected with release paper. To use, simply cut to length, remove the release paper, press in place, and remove the polyethylene carrier strip. Advantages-convenient, uniform thickness, no mixing, no dripping from vertical surfaces and no mess in the preparation area. As with all Vitta brazing products. the specially formulated binders and adhesives cleanly decompose at temperatures well below the brazing/ working temperatures leaving no residue.

Braz-Stop Tape Preforms

1AL Braz-Stop and 1YT Braz-Stop tape preforms of various thicknesses, diameters and wall thicknesses can be manufacured by Vitta corporation to fit your specific requirements. Protect holes from fillign with molten brazing metal with the use of self-adhesive Braz-Stop preform washers.

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