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Braz-Stop Paint

Vitta 1AL Braz-Stop Paint is a viscous liquid parting compound recommended for general brazing applications and may be applied by brush, paint roller, or dipping. Good results have been reported with spray gun application after dilution. In addition, use of the paint in syringe with a needle tip allows extremely fine application of the parting compound for intricate parts.

Key Features

  • No objectionable odor.
  • No remixing required for at least 12 hours.
  • Water cleanup - Before and after brazing.
  • Easily thinned over a wide viscosity range.
  • Works at temperatures exceeding 3000°F.

Typical Uses

  • Keeps molten filler metal from touching and brazing base metal parts.
  • Keeps holes and cut/milled areas on base metal parts from filling with molten filler metal.
  • Keeps stacks of prefabricated parts from sticking together during heat treatment operations.
  • Protects threads and threaded parts from scaling during brazing or heat treating operations.

Vitta 1 AL Braz-Stop Paint uses the same specially processed, finley ground, high purity active ingedients as 1AL Braz-Stop Paste and Tape. The specialized organic binders, mixed with water and a lower alcohol, decompose cleanly at temperatures well below the brazin/working temperatures of filler metals and leave no residue. 1AL Braz-Stop Paint may be used in vacuum furnace applications without fear of contamination of either the base or filler metals. The product remains effective at temperatures exceeding 3000°F.

1AL Braz-Stop Paint may also be used as a parting compound for copper brazing alloys and silver solder systems. Cleanup of 1AL Braz-Stop Paint, before and after brazing, is accomplished by simple brushing, air blowing or washing away with a jet of water.

The product, as shipped, will have a viscosity of approximately 10-15K* centipose (cps) and dries to the touch in about 15 minutes after brush application. The Paint may be thinned down further (if required by the customer) with the use of water or a 50/50 mixture of water and denatured alcohol. Denatured alcohol is available in local hardware or paint stores. The following typical reductions in viscosity were achieved by thinning during laboratory testing.

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