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Braz-Tape Application Machine 105

The Model 105 Braze Tape Application Machine is designed to apply brazing tape into Honeycomb. It speeds up and simplifies the tape application process. With this machine, tape can be applied to Honeycomb rings, segments, and flat pieces. It is self driven and is suitable for medium to high volume production. Description The Tape Application Machine uses an internally mounted air cylinder for raising and lowering the upper pressure roller. The upper pressure roller raises approximately two inches allowing the Honeycomb parts to be easily inserted. Guides are provided to prevent the Honeycomb from walking on the rollers while the tape is applied. The tape in turn is guided onto the Honeycomb by tape guides to assure proper alignment. the pressure roller presses the tape into the Honeycomb against the lower roller .The lower roller is driven by an electric motor and as it rotates it advances both the Honeycomb and the tape. The gap stting between the rollers is adjusted either by fixed height interchngeable spacer blicks or throuh the use of the optional gap aadjustment option. A storange shelf for height blocks is provided in the access door. An electric heater mounted under the tape feed table pre-heats the Honeycomb as the tape is applied. The machine is specifically designed to provide easy access to all working partsfor ease of mainteance. all controls are clearly labeled and are designed for easy operation.


To apply tape to a Honeycomb ring, the ring is placed over the lower (power driven) roller, and the leading edge of the brazing tape is placed on the Honeycomb approximately in line with the vertical center line of the rollers. The air cylinder is then actuated, lowering the pressure (upper) roller and applying pressure to the pre-heated Honeycomb cells.

An electric heater mounted under the tape feed table pre-heats the Honeycomb material to ensure proper flow of the brazing tape into the Honeycomb cells.

After an initial hear-up period, power is applied to the lower roller and the Honeycomb material is rolled between the two rollers while the brazing tape is fed into the Honeycomb from the tape feed table. After the Honeycomb ring has been coated with tape, the heater is turned off,the air cylinder is actuated to raise the upper roller, and the coated Honeycom ring is removed from the machine.


Honeycomb sizes: Tape can be applied to any height Honeycomb. the machine will accommodate Honeycom widths from .19” (4.8mm) to 4” (100mm) wide. It will accommodate Honeycomb rins from 4” (100mm) up to 72” (1,829mm) in diameter. When required, rollers to accommodate other part sizes can be supplied.

Electrical: Available with either 110 or 220 volts, 50 or 60 Hz.
Air: 100 PSI air is required.
Heater Output: Adjustable from zero to rated output.
Roller speed: The surface speed of the roller is adjustable from zero to approximately 45 feet/minute.
Rollers: Supplied with three rollers. A stainless steel jacketed aluminum rolelr, and two interchangeable upper rollers, one aluminum, and one aluminum coated with Polyurethane which is is protected by a field replaceable Teflon sleeve.
Size: the unit is approximately 60” high and occupies a floor space of about 25” deep x 30” wide.


Gap Adjustment Option: An optional pressure roller gap setting device with an indicator readout is available with the machine. The gap setting device will sopt the upper roller and prevent it from descending beyond of air pressure applied by the air cylinder. the gap setting device is used in place of the fixed spacer blocks and makes the adjustment of the roller gap for different Honeycom height quick and easy.

Customization: The machine can be modified for your specific tape application situation. Please contact us for details. Also available is our Model 54 Tape Application Machine for low to medium volume production.

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