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Braz-Tape Application Machine 54 *

The Model 54 Manual Honeycomb Braze Tape Application Machine is designed to press brazing transfer tape into honeycomb rings and flat machine suitable for low volume production. The machine can apply tape to honeycomb parts up to 3 inches (76mm) wide. Special rollers can be supplied if a wider width is desired.

The machine uses an air cylinder which raises or lowers the pressure roller. The pressure roller presses the brazing tape into the honeycomb part. When lowered, the pressure roller also holds the part against the lower roller which in turn is operated by a hand crank. the machine is designed for bench top mounting with the rollers and hand crank overhangin the edge of the bench.


the Manual Honeycomb Braze Tape Application Machine requires AC electric power and compressed shop air for operation.

A feed table is provided to apply brazing transfer tape to flat pieces of honeycomb. First, the transfer tape is placed on the honeycomb piece, and the honeycomb is then placed on the feed table with the front end of the honeycomb on the lower pressure roller.

for operation, the upper pressure roller is lowered, and the honeycomb is fed between the two pressure rollers by cranking the handle on the lower roller.

to apply brazing tape to a honeycom ring, the feed table is removed from the machine and the upper roller is raised by activating the “UP” control. The honeycomb ring is then slipped over the lower roller with the brazing tape applied to it. The upper roller is lowered by activating the “DOWN” switches (two-hand operation for safety). Proper air pressure, which depends on the cell size, wall thickness of the honeycom, and the thickness of the brazing tape, must be selected to accomplish complete insertion of brazing tape into the honeycomb.

An electrical power outlet is provided on the machine. An external heat source such as a hair dryer, can be used for ease of application of transfer tape to small cell size honeycomb. The machine is supplied with two interchangeable pressure rollers. One roller is constructed of solid metal, the second roller has a pliable coating.

Available Options

An optional air pressure regulator can be supplied with the manual machine to control air pressure (which in turn controls the pressure availabel to press the brazing tape into the honeycomb). An air pressure read out gauge is supplied with the optional air pressure regulator.

An optional pressure roller gap setting indicator is available with the machine. the gap setting device will stop the upper roller and prevent it from descending beyond a predetermined gap. the gap will be maintained between the two rollers regardless of the amount of air pressure applied to the machine cylinder. Use of the gap setting device allows an operator to return to the same setting after a part changeover.

The Model 54 machine is illustrated with optional equipment as shown.

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