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Vitta A-10 Braz-Cement is a water based moderate viscosity liquid binder cement designed for general purpose brazing applications. This colorless product contains no solvents other than water and combines the dual properties of binder and dilutant and may be added directly to powdered brazing materials.


Water (aqueous) based. Contains no other solvents. No odor, nonflammable, non-toxic, no ozone depleting substances (ODS), no problems in the workplace.

  • Clean burn off during brazing cycle; may be used in vacuum furnace applications
  • User friendly container. Easy to pour.
  • Easy clean up with water.
  • Add directly to powdered brazing material. No additional solvents required.
  • Rapid wetting of powders promotes good adherence.


  • Cementing of brazing powder in honeycomb mesh.
  • Producing pastes of various viscosities fromk brazing powder.
  • Dusting brazing powder onto surfaces coated with A-10 Braz-cement.
  • Spraying brazing powder onto surfaces.

How to use

Vitta A-10 Braz-Cement is a colorless liquid (viscosity of 650-850 centipoise) which may be directly mixed with brazing alloy powder or applied over powders to cement them into place. After mixing and application to the base metal, A-10 Braz-Cement should be allowed to dry prior to furnace cycling. Drying time of the cement binder may be accelerated by the use of a fan, heat gun or in an oven at low temperature.

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