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MG 50/100-2ME /-3ME, MG 50/100-2ME /-3ME EEx

Gas mixing systems for 2 or 3 defined gases, designed for a variety of industrial applications with high flows and fluctuating gas mixture production requirements. Capacity range from 0 to approx. 161 Nm3/h.
For the exact pressure and flow capacity ratios, please
see the technical data overleaf.
System only works with sufficient buffer volume
(100 to 250 litres depending on gas mixing capacity).


Easy operation

  • a proportional mixing valve (-2ME) or three single mixing
    valves (-3ME), each with a control knob and %-scale, provide
    infinitely variable mixture settings
  • gas mixture withdrawal possible from zero to the maximum
    flow capacity

High process reliability

  • independent of pressure fluctuations in the gas supply
  • intermittent gas mixture withdrawal possible
  • lockable transparent door for protection of settings
  • splash-proof and robust stainless steel housing
  • for flammable gases available as EEx-version with separate control cabinet
  • without electrical equipment as MP-version
  • monitoring of the gas supply by means of pressure switches; too low an inlet pressure triggers an optical alarm (audible optional) and switches a potential free contact (e.g. to
    shutdown machinery to avoid quality problems)

  • integrated gas analysis for the monitoring/control and
    documentation of the gas mixture production
  • gas mixer mounted on gas mixture buffer tank for a more
    convenient installation
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