We Control Gases

Planning with the customer

Planning and Consulting

We carry out a comprehensive plan together with the client, i.e. starting with the smallest detail up to the entire system from a single source. This is how we ensure compatibility.

Airbus DLR Full Cell Lab
  • System design and development
  • Test stands for flow measurement and calibration
  • Net consumption measuring systems
  • Customized measurement and calibration software
  • Consulting and design of the systems, installation, commissioning, calibration of the analysers, maintenance and all periodic inspections required by law (BGV A3, BetrSichV and DIN VDE-regulations).

Installation by qualified personnel


If you request we can assume the overall management for your projects. Our systems and devices are installed on site either by our own technicians or other professionals trained by us. The final inspection is carried out in close cooperation with the customer.

Maintenance by service personnel

Maintenance / Repair

We carry out flow meter and calibrator inspections, maintenance, and repairs on site with our trained service personnel. Please contact us about this separately. This is where emergency assistance can be found.

Schulungen in unserem Seminarraum

Training / Seminars

Seminars for measurement, calibration, determining the uncertainty of measurement, on-site installation, commissioning etc.


Liquid flow rate - calibration Certified calibrations for all types of liquid flow meters, turbines, Coriolis, positive displacement meters, MID, etc., ±0.05% of measured value up to 1500 lt. /min., viscosities up to 2000 mm2/s. Standard and DKD-calibration
Gas flow rate - calibration Certified, calibrations for all kinds of gas flow meters: Thermal mass flow meter, laminar flow elements, vortex, etc., gases: ± 0.24% of the measured value to 10,000 lt/min., pressure up to 85 bar. (Higher flow rates and pressures available on request.)
Pressure - calibration Certified calibrations for all types of sensors and transducers absolute, barometric, differential, overpressure, -1 to 20 bar, ± 0.025% of measured value, ± 0.05 mbar below 200 mbar
Temperature – calibration Certified calibration for all types of sensors and transducers 0- 200 °C, ± 0.025 to ±0.05%
Scaling and programming of the evaluation electronics Calibration evaluation units
Flowrate measurement Flow meter for liquids and gases, Coriolis, LFE laminar flow elements, positive displacement meters, critical nozzles, turbine flow meters, thermal mass flow meter, vortex, stabilizing sections
Flow rate calibrators PC-based calibration software, piston calibrators / provers, small volume provers, glass tube calibrators, diving bells, systems based on critical nozzles, transfer calibration systems
Electronics and software for flow meter Amplifier and signal processor, flow computers and displays, smart flow meter pickups and transmitters, Lysis PC-based flow computer and data logger

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